From those times to this day

With more than 30 years of history, BLS Energieplan is closely connected with the use and development of decentralized and regenerative energy generation in Germany. More than 25 years ago, BLS Energieplan planned the first cogeneration plant in Berlin for residential supply (Wassertorplatz) and in combination with photovoltaic power generation (Block 103).

BLS Energieplan was founded as an office specialized in building technologies and its engineers have been working on "new energy" integration into existing energy generating structures from the very beginning.

"Rethink energy generation " was the slogan and at the same time the mainspring of numerous projects that became landmarks in the history of references of BLS Energieplan. What today may be self-evident, like the decentralized use of cogeneration plants, was described as utopian three decades ago, and, while, not taken seriously, created a gap for the idea to be implemented. But the current energy revolution time cycle is just an interim step for BLS Energieplan. In the globalized world, such ideas as storage of energy in any form or combination of diverse energy generation technologies are demand and challenge at the same time, and setting out new paths – smart, engaged, curious, and open, we plan today energy supply of tomorrow.



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