BLS recieved orter for the Clay-Schule, Berlin-Neukölln


BLS recieves order to engineer all building services for the peplacement of the Clay high school and the attached dual sports hall

For the replacement of the Clay high in Berlin-Neukölln, the engineering is assigned to the BLS Energieplan GmbH. We take over the tasks of construction supervision and engineering for all building services such as heating, ventilation, sanitary, air conditioning and electrical installations and kitchen technology (plant groups 1-8 and service phases 2-9) for the high school replacement and the new construction of the dual sports hall in Berlin-Neukölln.    


For the 8 stream Clay high school a sports hall with 5 separate fields is planned.


The planning programm covers a total floor space of appr. 9,400 m² for the school building and an additional 2,500 m² for the sports hall. This includes the classrooms, specialized teaching room, the administrative area and the full-day area including the canteen. 

In addition to that, appr. 12,000 m² of break and sports area are redesigned.

The school concept is characterized through musik performance programm and special musik classes.  Therefore specific areas and stationary musik instruments should be provided.

For the school contrauction, a low-energy standard is applied. This leads to a silver BNB certificate.