EUREF Energiewerkstatt by Gasag Solution Plus


Gasag Solution Plus as the contracted energy supplier of the EUREF Campus (prospected floor area around 135,000 m²), contracted BLS Energieplan for the conceptual design and systems engineering of the EUREF-Energiewerkstatt. Heat and cooling for the campus, which are certified to be carbon-neutral and zero prime energy consuming, are supplied from the Energiewerkstatt to the entire campus.

Due to the extensive new construction activity in the development of the EUREF site and because of the necessary consideration for the existing energy supply structures, construction in phases and various interim solutions were necessary.

In the current phase of expansion, the Energiewerkstatt comprises of:
- Biomethane CHP, 400 kW electrical nameplate capacity
- 2 Methane gas CHP units, 50 kW and 20 kW electrical nameplate capacity, to power the system’s electric own consumption and for supplying the EUREF micro-smart-grid
- 2 low-temperature peak boilers, each 2 MW thermal nameplate capacity
- 2 compression chillers, each 1 MW cooling nameplate capacity, realized as oil-less turbo compressors with direct evaporators for recooling
- Power-to-heat/power-to-cold plant with 2 switchable heat/cold storage units and a 500 kW electric boiler (part of the WindNODE)
- Interface engineering to a 1.9 MWh battery electric system
- Pre-engineered interfaces to allow for further expansion