German property developer prize for modernization 2015


The award of the german property developer price was handed to a housing construction site, for which the BLS Eenrgieplan GmbH engineered all building services. For more information see:

Project information:

Within the revitalization of the residential vomplex I at the Alten Landstraße in Eisenhüttenstadt, a energetic reconstruction of the building service installation was performed. 

Due to historical preservation requirements, the old fassade and overall apperance of the building was to be preserved. 

The measures are related to the projects "Junges Wohnen" and "Generationen Wohnen". 



The building complex was connected to the district heating grid. Heating and hot water supply are realized via decentral house connedtion stations. Parts of the buildings are equiped with floor heating systems. 

Additionally, the communication media networks within the appartments are offered for data transport, telephone communication and multi media appartment distribution. 

Also barrier-free appartmens are available. All buildings are equiped with elevators.