Pilot plant of a high-temperature thermal storage system


Lumenion GmbH develops high temperature storage system, aiming at establishing a solution for the sustainable, grid-supporting storage of renewable energy as thermal energy for district heating applications. Currently, a pilot plant is under development at Bottroper Weg in Berlin Reinickendorf. This plant will be part of the modernized district heating system, which is in operation since 2015. This system - which is based on a CHP plant – provides ~1,700 households, 2 daycares and several commercial units with eco-friendly thermal energy. The storage installation at this specific site aims at demonstrating the relevance of sector-coupling to achieve carbon-neutral energy supply in today’s and tomorrow’s energy system.

Our team is responsible in this project for the design of the hydraulic and energetic integration of the pilot plant into the already existing infrastructure. In our further role as project coordinator, we orchestrate and consolidate the technical contributions and planning activities of our project partners. Together, we also elaborate the regulatory fundamentals of erecting and operating such systems as part of district heating solutions.