Infrastructure and energy concept in the EUREF Campus

Innovative, CO2-neutral, profitable


The "EUREF Campus" is one of the largest development areas in Berlin featuring 165,000 m² GFA (gross floor area). Office and residential buildings, hotels and restaurants, as well as a university campus are located here with an ambitious goal of a complete CO2-neutral energy supply in the light of economical marketability.
For this, BLS Energieplan GmbH created an integrated infrastructure and energy concept.

Planning contents

  • Preparation of energy consumption structures
  • Building standards
  • Preparation of energy generation variants
  • Creation of a development concept (heating, cold and gas supplies, medium and low voltage supply,
    IT and telecommunication systems, potable, waste and rain water management)
  • Architecture and energy consulting

  • thermal capacity 5.3 MW
  • Cooling capacity 2.7 MW
  • Electrical effective power 6.2 MW

Priority areas

  • Heat and cold generation by means of geothermal energy (variant comparison of shallow/deep geothermics)
  • Heat and cold generation by tri-generation technology
  • Expandability – flexibility of growth
  • cost-benefit ratio and marketability


DENKMALplus Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH und Co. 
Erste Berlin KG 
Kurfürstenstr. 132
10785 Berlin


Creation of the overall campus energy and development concept


Project period

Concept creation: from 2009 to 2012
Implementation: planned until 2018


Feasibility study “Climate Neutral Berlin 2050”

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